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What We Offer

Access MD and Dr. Diana Hashimi offer many benefits to its members, and packages for Executives and Corporations. If you do not see a service you need please contact us. Included in our concierge program are:

Thorough annual physical examinations
Comprehensive, customized plan based on your medical history and individual needs
Direct access to Dr. Hashimi via phone or email
Same-day or next business day appointments in most cases
On-time appointments with no waiting in an impersonal holding area
Extended appointment times in an unhurried atmosphere
Personalized, quality time with Dr. Hashimi with longer appointment times

Some additional services are part of your membership, including:

Prompt prescription services with your pharmacy
Coordination and assistance with hospital care
Expedited Emergency Room visits at Springhill Medical Center
Enhanced coordination of any specialty physician referrals including priority appointments
Advanced Care Planning
Travel medical services
House calls from Dr. Hashimi may be available to established members for an additional fee


Our Executive Program

Are you a busy executive, with the need to stay in optimal physical condition? Is your time too valuable to be waiting unnecessarily for health care access? Are you looking for ways to increase revenue and at the same time control costs for yourself and your business? If so, the Access MD Executive Program was designed with you in mind.

This program includes the following three main components.

1. The Executive Physical

The executive physical is the basis for your personalized executive plan. It allows Dr. Hashimi to establish a baseline in order to create a plan for you and identify potential health risk. The executive physical takes a minimum of 90 minutes, and often more, so please allow for two hours in your schedule. The extensive physical includes:

A review of your complete personal health history including family, social, medication, vaccination, surgical and procedures
Comprehensive physical exam that may include an EKG, cardiac calcium score, pulmonary function and other tests
Health Risk Assessment, Body Mass Index, Depression, Tobacco, Alcohol, and other screening measures
Medication, sensitivity and allergy review
Blood work and laboratory test for early detection and primary prevention of diseases
Additional diagnostic test based on your family and medical history
Extensive medical record review

Other tests are ordered as indicated.

2. An Executive Health Plan

A follow up appointment will be scheduled to discuss current health status, identified potential risks, specialist referral and personal goals. This time will allow for explanations as to recommendations, as well as delivery of a written summary for your executive plan.

The written report to you includes the following information:

Laboratory Results
Diagnostic Test
Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, BMI
Fitness Goals and Nutrition Information
Health tips and references

3. Convenient,  Accessible Primary Care

After the exam is finished and the executive plan is designed, monitoring will take place, and of course, unexpected health care needs might occur. Access MD makes both needs easy to meet. Features here include:

Access directly to Dr. Hashimi via phone or email
Same day or next day appointments are offered, as dictated by your schedule
Longer appointment times as needed
Unhurried office visits
Travel support if needed, for medicines, vaccines, etc., to cover you when traveling
Assistance with specialists appointments
And more…..

The Access MD Executive Program is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who have a great need to stay at optimum health and who also need to make the most of their time.


Our Corporate Program

How many of your company’s executives would benefit from a concierge-style prevention and health plan? How many would benefit from working with a board-certified primary care doctor dedicated to preventing potential health problems?  Access MD’s corporate program is custom tailored to a company’s specific needs. Our program is not insurance, but can work in conjunction with your current insurance program.

Listed below are possible components of your plan:

Annual exams for key personnel to identify potential health problems
Workshops, “Lunch and Learn” sessions, and educational seminars
Smoking cessation
Nutritional and weight loss counseling
Winter Flu shots
Blood pressure checks and glucose testing
Discounted dependent and spousal services
Intermittent casual visits on as-needed basis

With premiums and deductibles going up every year, matching an Access MD corporate plan with a higher deductible insurance plan could save your company expenses and keep your team healthier. Call us to talk more about this program.