4310-E Old Shell Road
Mobile,Alabama 36608
(Across from Springhill College)
Do You Have Your Doctor's Cell Phone Number?


DianaI am Diana Hashimi, MD, and it is my privilege to invite you to join Access MD, a concierge medicine service.

Over the past 22 years, I have worked in different types of internal medicine practices. While each type of medical practice has special benefits, I began to find that the traditional medical office setting did not allow me to provide the level of personalized care I wanted to offer to my patients. The concierge model of medicine allows me to provide the care I wanted to provide. Thus, I established Access MD here in Mobile, Alabama, with the goal of creating a community resource for the people in our area.

Access MD is a concierge medical practice available to a limited number of patients, with patients paying a surprisingly low annual membership fee to join the practice.  This allows me to keep the practice size in the hundreds of patients, rather than the thousands one normally finds.

When you join Access MD you receive a comprehensive annual exam, a plan to stay healthy through the year, and accessibility and convenience whenever you need it. You will have my cell phone, and same day or next day appointments as you need them. We do not ask you to wait 30 minutes for a seven minute appointment either. Appointments last as long as you need them to last in order to have all your concerns addressed.

An Access MD membership does not replace your insurance. Instead, the membership fee is for non-covered services. Routine lab, medical diagnostic procedures, and specialist consultations will be billed to your insurance carrier.

If you are interested in learning more about Access MD or wish to join, please call me  for an initial consultation. For a little bit more about me, click here. I look forward to meeting you, answering your questions, and discussing your health.

Thank you for visiting,

Diana K. Hashimi, MD